ON TAP: Billiards and Holiday Brews

By SETHWILSON GRAY Phantom Canyon Brewing Company is home to a restaurant, brewery, and my destination, the billiards hall bar. Six pool tables occupy a massive room with a long counter, matching the wooden beams […]

On Tap: No PBR at This Bar

By SETHWILSON GRAY Most people who have explored Tejon Street would recognize Panino’s, which just a short walk away from campus. This local pizzeria features a variety of pizzas, pastas, and their popular paninos. However, […]

Beer Festivals Coming to Denver in September

On September 24 through 26, Denver will host the 33rd Annual Great American Beer Festival (GABF). The festival will be held at the Colorado Convention Center and promises to showcase more than 3,500 beers from […]

BREWHAHA: Local brewery hosts music festival

Beginnings are both thrilling and nerve-wracking, full of both excitement and unpredictability. In part, this is why the Freewheelin Festival holds particular appeal. With a widespread marketing campaign around Colorado College’s campus and within Colorado […]

BREWHAHA: Nano 108

Nano 108 Brewing Company is a unique brewery located at 2402 Waynoka Road. The 20-minute drive is a bit of a venture into the eastern boonies of Colorado Springs, but the trip is well worth […]

BrewHaha: The intersection of green and golden

Lagunitas Brewing Company is a perennial crowd pleaser and beer snob favorite brewery. The brewery is known for messing with the classics, infusing some black magic, and producing some great brews. Oh, and did I […]