Who’s Supposed to Save the Planet?

By ELIANNA CLAYTON Hansjörg Wyss fell in love with America’s national parks and public lands while working for the Colorado Highway Department as a student in 1958. Though originally from Switzerland, Wyss spent much of […]

IPCC Reports: Discussions Are Heating Up

By ELIANNA CLAYTON We’ve all heard it: 1.5 degrees is the proposed limit for the maximum increase in global temperature. But what does this limit really mean? The implications of this limit and the preventative […]

Fossil Free CC Receives Backing from CCSGA Resolution

Fossil Free CC, a student group that formed earlier this year, has finally garnered the support of the Colorado College Student Government Association in the form of a resolution to endorse divestment from fossil fuels. […]

“Literally a slab of tofu”: Eating Sustainably at CC

It is no secret that Colorado College has a large number of environmentally-minded students. Environmental policy and environmental science are two of the most popular majors on campus, and campus organizations like Climate Reality and […]