New Crossing Light Receives Chilly Response

By ZACK GLOSSER Since the opening of the East Campus residences, pedestrian traffic across Nevada Avenue has increased significantly. Many students who reside in East Campus housing have seen Special Projects Coordinator Zachary Kroger alongside […]

10 Questions with Re Evitt

Regula “Re” Evitt often finds herself living simultaneously in the 14th century and the present. As a Medieval scholar, Evitt specializes in exploring Chaucer, Dante, Marie de France, and their contemporaries’ intersections with gender, class, […]

Tiger Defense Promotes Safety on Campus

This past Tuesday, Campus Safety brought their self-defense classes to the residence halls, hoping to help promote the program as part of a series of four classes to be held in Loomis, Slocum, and McHugh […]

Annual Arts and Crafts Sale Begins Today

Beginning Friday afternoon, Worner will be filled with dozens of vendors selling their art, ranging from pottery to paintings, jewelry, and much more. The Colorado College Arts and Crafts Sale is an annual event hosted […]

CC Students See Need to Unionize

By JOHN HENRY The concept of a student union is not original to Colorado College. The organizational structure takes after the namesake unions that catalyzed the labor movements in the U.S. and across the world. […]