Conceptions of Service

CC’s Relationship With the Military: Part One of a Three-Part Series Between the five military institutions located in and around Colorado Springs, the city hosts over 35,000 active duty service members, not including approximate 4,000 […]

City Council Endorsement: Richard Skorman

In about a month, as residents of the third district of Colorado Springs, Colorado College students get to vote again. The April 4 municipal election will determine who will be the District 3 City Council […]

Off-Campus Houses Become Targets of Crime

As seniors and juniors flock off campus to alleviate Colorado College’s housing shortage, student homes have become the target of a recent slew of burglaries and break-ins. On Tuesday, Aug. 30, at 3 a.m. a […]

Travel guide to local C. Springs parks

For those looking for a quick break from the relentlessly busy days that have already accumulated over the past week, look no further than Palmer Park. A short 12-minute drive from campus, this little park […]

A vegan’s guide to Colorado Springs

Looking for some tasty vegan eats near campus? It may seem like the downtown restaurant scene is monopolized by green chili-smothered meat and cheese, but in reality there are some great options for plant-based eaters. […]