10 Questions with Professor Aimee Hosemann

Linguistic anthropologist and ethnomusicologist Aimee Hosemann joins Colorado College faculty as a Visiting Professor in Anthropology. Having taught at University of Southern Illinois Carbondale, University of Texas at Austin, and Texas State University, Hosemann is […]

The Trials & Tribulations of Technology

Since I have been in elementary school, technology has grown to be ubiquitous within the American education system. From first to fourth grade, every student at my school took a computer class in which we […]

Ballot Measure to Fund Colorado Springs Schools

A ballot measure in the upcoming election could increase school funding per student in order to make teacher wages competitive, hire mental health professionals, and maintain aging facilities. Colorado Springs public schools lack sufficient funding […]

A Ruthless, Useless Educational Hegemony

The last fifteen years or so of education policy in the U.S. have been a whirlwind of standardized tests. Between No Child Left Behind, Common Core, and the Every Student Succeeds Act, it’s hard to […]

Eighth Block Shouldn’t be Easy

As I walk through Armstrong Hall, the Registrar’s Office is flooded with students attempting to figure out their class for Block 8. Perhaps, the overflowing office is a result of multiple waitlisted students not getting […]

A Necessary Redefining of Failure

As babies and toddlers, people are encouraged to venture outside of their comfort zones in order to learn. While learning to walk, parents cheer their children on, motivating them to take one more step, regardless […]

Why we should study war

Last week, Australia and New Zealand celebrated the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign, one of the bloodiest episodes of the First World War. During Block 8, Dennis Showalter teaches his popular class on World War […]