Swiss Superiority, Without a Single Prayer

The holes in American healthcare, and how Switzerland’s example can patch them By NATALIE GUBBAY Last week, the New York Times published an article titled “Best Health Care System in the World: Which One Would […]

Workout of the Week

By COURTNEY KNERR Welcome back to Workout of the Week! Last week was a CrossFit circuit, and this week will offer a variation on CrossFit: a pyramid. A CrossFit pyramid consists of five exercises. Do […]

Seven Ways to Stay Active on the Block Plan

By COURTNEY KNERR One of the reasons I chose to attend Colorado College was the healthy lifestyle it promotes. The gorgeous mountains visible from everywhere on campus are practically calling you outside, encouraging you to […]

A vegan’s guide to Colorado Springs

Looking for some tasty vegan eats near campus? It may seem like the downtown restaurant scene is monopolized by green chili-smothered meat and cheese, but in reality there are some great options for plant-based eaters. […]

Duby: 420-friendly social media

Written by Alyssa Mavor R/trees enthusiasts listen up: the new Tinder-style social media app, Duby, might be the next best place to share cannabis content with the world. On April 6, the Denver-based company Duby LLC […]

HEALTH BITES: Staying on track

Written by Kelsey Zeikel It is a common practice to be overwhelmed by our moods and busy schedules. A few minutes of procrastination turns into hours, which then leads to days and then weeks. A […]