Pikes Peak for Beginners

By Kyle Zinkula The large, barren looking mountain jutting above the west of Colorado College’s campus is Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak is a popular mountain, offering vast opportunities for hiking, photography, biking, and more. It […]

Hiking Trails in Colorado Springs

By Alexis Griggs Colorado Springs offers several hiking options for people of all different skill sets, from paved trails to mountainous scrambles. Visitcos.com ranks Colorado Springs’ 25 best hiking trails based on accessibility, popularity, views, […]

Get Outdoors This Block

By Josie McCauley As the Colorado College campus floods with 2,000 students starting Block 1, some time in the outdoors is warranted. Take a look at upcoming Outdoor Resource Center trips and events this block […]

Story Time With Georgia

Who: Caroline Kelleher ’21, Kiana Tsao ’20, unspecified friend, and, yours truly, me. When: Block Break What: Ice Ice Baby   The ranger we talked to about the weather on the mountain had possibly never actually […]