An Intersectional Approach to Filmmaking

My reaction to Black Panther (Spoiler Alert) The “Black Panther” film strives to do superhero and science fiction cinema the right way. By putting black and female characters in legitimate, central positions of power; by […]

Should You Watch ‘Annihilation’?

By JORDAN BERMAN “Annihilation” is an adaptation of a book with the same name. If the words “sci-fi” and “horror” together innately excite you, go have fun; otherwise, pass. The film has problems that keep […]

American Made: Same Aviators, Different Storyline

In American Made, director Doug Liman’s newest film, Tom Cruise plays another thrill seeking, aviator-clad pilot. This time however, Cruise plays Barry Seal, a real-life pilot with connections during the late 1970s and early 1980s […]