Baltimore in flames: Race in America

The Times ran a front-page headline Tuesday that almost made me chuckle: “Police Rethink Long Tradition of Using Force.” As I turned to A13 to learn more about the 21-foot rule, which states that a […]

The problem with Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is the liberal version of Ron Paul. As the longest-serving Independent in U.S. Congressional history and the only person in Congress who self-identifies as a socialist, Bernie Sanders is perfect for those who […]

The NFL Draft: 72 hours of unnecessary television

Every year, millions of Americans tune into ESPN for their preseason fix of NFL action. Instead of getting the normal NFL fare—grown men brutally cutting one another’s life spans short—they will be watching the NFL […]

Should police wear body cameras?

If you turned on your TV, opened a newspaper, or checked twitter at all this week, I almost guarantee you saw the same thing. Thousands of protestors, lines of riot police, and burning pharmacies filled […]

Why we should study war

Last week, Australia and New Zealand celebrated the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign, one of the bloodiest episodes of the First World War. During Block 8, Dennis Showalter teaches his popular class on World War […]

The Republicans are ‘Ready for Hillary’ too

The Republican field is shaping up to be diverse and competitive, a welcome change from the circus of flubs, gaffes, and wing-nut lunacy that was the 2012 nomination contest. But while the Republican race will […]

Weighing the benefits: The case for fracking

These days, energy and its consequences seem to be on everyone’s mind. From climate talks in Lima to the Keystone Pipeline and its subsequent veto, recently governments have found themselves under pressure to balance their […]

The next big thing: A disastrous addiction

As fresh-faced Georgia native Jordan Spieth strolled his way on to the 18th green at Augusta National on Sunday, April 12, commentator Jim Nantz declared in his distinctive drawl that Spieth might just be “the […]