House Party Ends in Handcuffs: A Follow-Up

The Catalyst recently obtained the police call and body camera videos from the early morning events of Sept. 15.  On this night, a man was tackled to the ground at an off-campus Colorado College party […]

Where’s Waldo? Downtown Colorado Springs

On the morning of Oct. 20, the usual flow of trucks and motorcycles chugging through the wide streets of downtown Colorado Springs was replaced by a peculiar sight. Families, seniors, children, and couples strolled down […]

10 Questions with CooXooEii Black

Though a member of the Colorado College men’s basketball team and an English major, CooXooEii Black ’20 is far more than a student-athlete. Participating in Speakeasy, Native American Student Union, and Black Student Union, Black […]

House Party Ends in Handcuffs

An unidentified black man was arrested by Colorado Springs police in the early morning hours of Saturday, Sept. 16, while attending an off-campus, Colorado College party. Dozens of students witnessed the arrest, and it immediately […]


Nike’s 30th anniversary campaign has made waves. The advertisement features a black and white close up image of former National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick, overlaid with the words, “Believe in something.  Even if it […]