The Death of Missionary John Chau

In mid-November, missionary John Allen Chau, 26, was killed during attempts to preach to the community of North Sentinel Island.  Located in the Bay of Bengal among the Andaman Islands, North Sentinel Island is one […]

Tree of Life Shooting Victims Remembered with Love

As hate crimes increase in the U.S., victims and affiliates of the Pittsburgh shooting remind the public of the importance of love and remembrance. On Oct. 27, 2018, eleven Jewish worshippers were murdered by Robert […]

My Religion Is Not My Faith

When I was last in Israel, I was asked by a tour guide if I am Jewish. When she heard me respond, “Yes, I am” in my American accent, she said, “Ah, but you are […]

Holiday of the Hut: Sukkot on the Quad

The most basic needs in life, whether you’re an animal roughing it in the wilderness or a human, are food and shelter. A roof over your head and a table to enjoy a hot meal, […]

Complicating the ‘Evangelical Vatican’

“Most leave college as a stronger beer drinker. We want you to leave college as a stronger Christian,” reads an advertisement from Focus on the Family, an international Christian ministry founded in 1977 and based […]

Spiritual Life: Finding a new path?

Leaving home and your culture can be a stressful experience, especially when moving away to college. At the same time, college can also be the perfect place to discover new cultures and religions that you […]