Diving into Wellness

A recurring column exploring various  statistics related to sexual wellness, mental health, and substance use at  Colorado College, brought to you in collaboration with the Wellness Resource Center. By  SUSANNA PENFIELD Domestic Violence Awareness Month October marks the start […]

10 Questions with Ysabel Trujillo

Ysabel Truijillo ’19 is Wellness Resource Center Paraprofessional. We met in upstairs Worner to chat about her perspectives on Colorado College pre and post graduation, among other topics. Her insights spoke not only to her […]

Exercise to Remember

 By Carlton Moeller In more information-dense classes on the Block Plan, studying can sometimes seem like a constant. In my own experience, in some of my more challenging blocks, studying has felt overwhelming and never-ending. There never seems to […]

Diving Into Wellness

A recurring column exploring various statistics related to sexual wellness, mental health, and substance use at Colorado College, brought to you in collaboration with the Wellness Resource Center. By SUSANNA PENFIELD What Is Wellness? Some […]

Get Away From Me

By CAROLINE WILLIAMS Is there a kinder way to say this? Or, perhaps, a kinder way to act upon this? Colorado College has a relatively small campus, with many students in fairly concentrated locations. While […]

Diving Into Wellness

By  SUSANNA PENFIELD RED ZONE Welcome back to the furniture-moving, textbook-purchasing, over-socializing craze of Block 1. This time of year is chaotic, confusing, and thrilling all at once. The beginning of a semester entails introduction […]

15-Minute Full-Body Workouts

The Block Plan is the enemy of self-care. Class starts at 9 a.m., followed by lunch commitments, possibly meetings, and homework. By the end of the day, little time remains for hobbies and self-care. Exercise […]