Why Women’s Wednesday?

“It’s Women’s Wednesday — climbing for female-identifying people only.” “But there’s only two people in the gym: can’t I climb?” “No.” “What if I just use the training room?” “No, that’s part of the gym.” […]

House Party Ends in Handcuffs: A Follow-Up

The Catalyst recently obtained the police call and body camera videos from the early morning events of Sept. 15.  On this night, a man was tackled to the ground at an off-campus Colorado College party […]

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Speaks to The Springs

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, world-famous clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at University of Toronto, came to the Pikes Peak Center in downtown Colorado Springs Oct. 8 as part of a speaking tour for his […]

Life Lessons in the Outdoors

A reflection on race both inside and out of the CC community By NIZHOONI HURD Like some students at Colorado College, participating in an Outward Bound program was a vital part of my character development […]