Chlorine: The Breakfast of Champions

By CLAIRE TOBIN Competitive swimming is one of the most physically and mentally taxing sports. According to Dr. Anthony Bull, professor of human biology and kinesiology, swimmers are among the most overworked athletes. The Colorado […]

Q&A with Senior Basketball Stud John Hatch

Interview by BEN HALL John Hatch is a fourth-year member of the Colorado College men’s basketball team from Lodi, Wisconsin. Hatch was named First Team All-Conference and was awarded SCAC Defensive Player of the Year […]

Talented Runner by Day, Dancing Queen by Night

By CLAIRE TOBIN There is a niche for people who crave endorphin-, vomit-, and asthma-inducing sports. This niche is for those who love to push their body to its farthest limit. These athletes are widely […]