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This week’s workout combines two movements that will alternate between strength and cardio. The strength portion of this workout will be dumbbell shoulder press and the cardio portion will be a jump rope workout.

Shoulder press technique:

Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands with a neutral grip so that weight is evenly distributed. Bring the dumbbells up to your ears and hold them at shoulder height with palms facing away from you. You may do this movement standing or sitting but you must make sure that you are keeping a tight core and have an upright posture. Begin to move the dumbbells towards the ceiling whiling keeping your upper back muscles tight. Move your arms upwards until your elbows are fully extended. Then begin to move your arms back down to the starting position. The shoulder press will be done in periods of one minute meaning that you will perform as many shoulder press repetitions as possible. This could be tricky when trying to pick a weight but it is best to start out light. Usually when more than ten repetitions are being done the weight should be much lighter than normal. This movement should never hurt your shoulder in any way so make sure you do not continue to do the shoulder press until you have recovered from the pain and have addressed the mobility issue. For more advanced shoulder press use a bar bell instead. Use the same hand positioning but keep the bar close to your shoulders and make sure to move your head backwards as you move upwards with the barbell.

Jump rope technique:

Pick a jump rope that is correct for your height. Stand in the middle of the jump rope and raise the handles as high as you can. If the handles are above or below your armpits the jump rope is too large or too small. For a perfect fitting jump rope find one that can be raised to your armpits. Jumping rope is a matter of coordination so it may take some practice. While jumping rope your shoulders should be relaxed and your wrists should be doing all the work. Make sure that you are holding the rope around your torso area when performing the moment. You can use this workout as a way to get better by using the jump rope portion as practice, which will still provide a cardio workout. For more advanced jump ropers try a double under which consists of allowing the jump rope to pass twice under your feet before hitting the ground.


Before starting this workout warm up with ten minutes of cardio and stretching. Alternate for one minutes increments between the shoulder press and jump rope. Switch every minute for six minutes. You may also increase the time if you would like a more strenuous workout.

Minute 1: Shoulder press
Minute 2: jump rope
Minute 3: Shoulder Press
Minutes 4: Jump Rope
Minute 5: Shoulder Press
Minute 6: Jump Rope

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