“In Summary”: 60 seconds of CC fame

When Arielle Mari began to work for the Colorado College Communications Office, they had never had a full-time video and digital media specialist. Now, four years later, the 2012 CC grad fills the position and is pioneering a dream she’s had since her first year on the job.

Enter “In Summary,” a 60-second TED Talk-esque video documenting series. Each block, Mari and her team release a short video highlighting a professor, student, or staff member and a topic that is important to them.

Mari teamed up with the admissions office for the first video, as it was specifically designed with prospective students in mind. It features Associate Professor Steven Hayward enthusiastically discussing the Block Plan. Upbeat music plays in the background as Hayward wildly gestures and vocalizes the perks of the unique education system.

“Your professor thinks you should observe the stock exchange? You’re on a plane to New York!” he practically shouts with glee into the zoomed-in camera. With the round-rimmed glasses worn by notables like John Lennon, Groucho Marx, and, of course, Harry Potter, Hayward looks like he was born for the silver screen.

“A person who is a good fit for the project is high energy and is excited about the subject,” Mari said.

Videos are released every third Wednesday of the block. Until they are published online, details are kept quiet.

“I want people to be excited for each video,” Mari said, “to check back and see what it’s going to be and what they’re going to be talking about.”

Though the topic is yet undisclosed, the Catalyst was able to get a sneak peak into the upcoming vid. It features Tomi-Ann Roberts, professor of psychology. Mari was tight-lipped about the content of the video, but noted that it is part of Roberts’ field. “This one’s definitely one of my favorites,” she noted, and expressed that the topic is extremely interesting. An extended version is also in the works.

While many schools are gravitating towards the online-education movement, Colorado College has made it very clear that it is not interested in heading that direction, Mari said. Instead, the Communications Office tends to lean towards supplemental online education. While it is not a replacement for taking a class, short online videos on specific topics can bolster students’ knowledge in certain areas. They also mesh well with the block plan, she said, because CC is “all about intense learning experiences.”

“In Summary” thrives off of Mari’s subjects and their passions. “I’ve been really lucky so far that people have just come out of the woodwork who are interested in being part of it,” she said.

Because it is an ongoing project, she is constantly looking for recommendations on students, faculty, or staff who might have interesting ideas to share.

Interested parties should contact Arielle.mari@coloradocollege.edu or visit the CC website for more information.

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