Jack Burger sits down with Guy Hahs, cashier at Weber Liquor, to discuss his favorite music genre, trends at Weber, and his favorite drink

What is the funniest encounter you have had with a Colorado College student at Weber Liquor?

I actually helped one student win a race from the store and back to their place. She was being timed, kinda like a scavenger hunt. She was like, “We need this and that,” and I was like, “Alright, let’s go.” It was pretty quick. I also helped a couple students win the best drink for the night. I told them you need this, this, and this, and they created the best drink.

I hear you are a local metal expert. What attracts you to this genre of music?

I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a local metal expert. I have only been here for a few years. But I just really like it. It gets you pumped up. It gets you ready to go.

What is your favorite band?


What is the favorite concert you have been to?

Honestly, that would probably be Iron Maiden, DO, and Motor Head. That was in Dallas, Texas maybe 10 or 11 years ago. Good show.

Where you are from, and when did you move to the Springs?

Little Rock, Arkansas. I moved here three years ago in February.

How long have you worked for Weber? What do you enjoy most about your job?

I’ve worked here since August. I just enjoy it. It’s fun. It’s fun getting to interact with people, getting to meet you guys, and stuff like that. It’s always moving. I was a bartender before I did this, so it’s basically selling hooch just in a different way.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I walk a lot. I go hiking. Not as much as I would like to. I play video games and hang out with my wife and my kid. Always good stuff.

What is your favorite drink, and what is your go-to drink that can be found at Weber?

My go-to is a shot of bourbon with a coke back. That’s my standard right there. My favorite drink of all time is a dirty martini.

What is the busiest day at Weber?

Fridays. Depends on your schedule and if you guys are having a Block Break. When you all have formals or any other party or event going on, it gets really busy. I haven’t been here for graduation, but I hear that is the nuttiest time of the year.

What is the most common thing you see CC students buy?

Lots of Genesee. Lots of Admiral. Handles of spiced rum, vodka, and whiskey, too.

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