Noah Hudnut ’20 Opens On-Campus Food Truck


The big navy-blue truck radiated energy and vivacity amidst an otherwise barren campus on a bitterly cold evening. The sweet smell of crepes and the sizzle of the stovetop teased those huddled together in line. 

This was the scene Friday, Jan. 25, when Noah Hudnut ’20 debuted his on-campus food truck. The truck was parked in the parking lot near the East Campus Apartments, across from Mathias Hall. The main dish being served was strawberry crepes. 

In an on-site interview that evening, Hudnut said that he’s always been passionate about food. He shared that opening a food truck had been his dream since his first year at Colorado College. As an upperclassman this year, he was finally ready to “stand on [his] own two feet and just do it.”

“Driving and making food and eating food are some of my favorite things, [and] this is all of them in one,” he said. 

Photo by Matthew Maciag

In addition, Hudnut spoke about an outreach program he was involved in last summer, where they were able to feed the entire Colorado Springs homeless population for a summer. This experience further fueled him to pursue his goal. 

Not surprisingly, therefore, Hudnut seemed very excited on his opening night. But he wasn’t alone in feeling this way; his customers were equally ready for the big reveal. 

Mere minutes after opening, there was a crowd surrounding the truck. “A lot of the colleges my friends from back home go to have like late-night food trucks and I’ve always wished CC had something like that,” said Jacob Adas ’22. 

Kerry Yang ’22 was in agreement: “It’s going to be so nice to have a food place on this side of campus,” Yang said. 

Further, both Adas and Yang had nothing but good things to say about their crepes, reporting that the treat was “just what I needed right now,” and “one of the best crepes I’ve ever had.”  

Calaya Hudnut ’22, Noah’s younger sister, shared her feelings of familial pride. For her, it’s been amazing to watch her brother work hard to achieve his goal. Through it all, Calaya has most enjoyed “helping out with the little things … and getting all the updates.” 

Getting to this night, for Noah and everyone else involved, has not been an easy process. Hudnut shared that it took about eight months and a whole lot of hands on deck. “I got a lot of help from Dan the carpenter [and] … Jerry, who was just here, like he outfitted the truck.” Hudnut did share, however, that he ended up doing most of the construction himself. “I put in all the electrical after taking an electronics class,” he said. 

Hudnut’s chef, who preferred not to be named, was hired off Craigslist. According to him, he and Hudnut collaborated to put together the eclectic menu that appeared on the Facebook event announcement: “crepes, hot apple cider, masala chicken cooked in ghee and waffle fries.” 

Moving forward, Hudnut plans to have the truck open every Friday and Saturday. Personally, I’m confident that the truck will continue to be a well-attended hub of good food and good times. If I’m right, this food truck opening could be the first step in a long-lasting CC tradition.          

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