Nov. 1st 2015

This week’s workout can not only serve as a workout but also as a warm-up depending on the intensity in which the movements are performed. The first movement is an inchworm push-up. This movement is not only great for strength but also for mobility. If you want to do this movement as a warm-up, you will only need to do five repetitions. If you would like to turn the inchworm push-up into a workout  you will need to add the appropriate volume of repetitions.

Inchworm push-up:

Begin by standing straight up with your core tight. Begin to lower down with a straight back as you begin to touch your toes. Once your hands are touching the floor begin to step your hands in front of you until you are in a push-up positions and your body is parallel with the floor. Once you are in this position and your core is tight, with your hands under your shoulders, start to lower yourself down to the ground. Your chest should be leading the rest of your body until it touches the floor. Raise yourself up off of the floor back to the position where your body is parallel to floor. Your body should be leading with your chest behind on your way up. When you are back in the initial push-up position, begin to step your feet all the way to your hands. Once your hands meet your feet begin to straighten your body back to the starting position. Continue to do this until you have completed the number of inch worm push-ups that you want to.



5 Inch-worm push-ups


20 inch worm push-ups as fast as possible.

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