Player Profile: Cross Country’s Tony Calderon

Cross country: a sport that many can do, but one in which few can succeed. Tony Calderon ’20 is one such exceptional individual. From Fort Collins, Colo., Calderon has done nothing but improve as a runner since he began his career on the CC cross country team. Now, he has set his sights on where he left off last year and has continued to achieve.

At the University of Colorado Colorado Springs Rust Buster meet Sept. 1, he finished with the seventh best time overall and was sixth amongst the collegiate runners that participated. Leading the team, he finished the 8K in a time of 26:25, a full minute faster than his time at the meet last year, and earned Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference runner of the week for his performance. Calderon says he tried to focus on the details during the offseason to improve his times.

“I focused more on consistency and paying more attention to the little things like eating well, hydrating, sleeping, recovery, and having a more focused mindset,” he said.

The following week, the team competed in the annual CC Invitational, with Calderon leading the team to a second-place finish. Calderon ran well, not only beating his time from last year by almost 50 seconds, but also earning himself the SCAC Runner of the Week honor for the second week in a row. After such a hot start, one would imagine that he made significant workout changes from the previous season. However, Calderon has done the exact opposite.

“I have not been making any significant changes to my workouts, but volume and intensity is increased slightly this year,” he said. “My workout routine consists of lifting two to three times a week, three running workouts per week, a long run once a week, and recovery the rest of the days.”

After such an excellent start to the season, Calderon is ignoring the things that distract him from running well; he remains laser-focused on staying healthy and keeping in top shape. 

“To run the best of my ability every week I am focusing on training hard, having positive attitudes, recovery, fueling myself well, and having fun,” he said. 

The XC team splits up this weekend, with one meet down in New Mexico for the Highlands Country Jam and the other at Willamette University for the Charles Bowles Invitational in Salem, Ore. Calderon and most of the team will race in Oregon on Sept. 29, but because of travel costs and other complications, the rest will head down to New Mexico. 

Because the team hasn’t raced in several weeks and will be running with the advantage of altitude training, this should be a fast meet. Look for Calderon and his teammates as they smash their season records. Good luck to Tony and the rest of the cross-country team!

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