Sex, Drugs, and Kale: Balancing the CC lifestyle

The strenuous conditions that the Block Plan entails forces Colorado College students to learn to balance work, play, and wholesome lifestyles, three and a half weeks at a time.

Recently, three student organizations crafted a Block-long program in order to promote this healthy balance.

The College’s Minority Association for Pre-Health Students (MAPS) along with the CC chapter of GlobeMed and Active Minds collaborated earlier this year to brainstorm a program. They created a series of events that correlate to the topics of alcohol/substance abuse, sexual assault, and exercise/nutrition.

“Throughout Block 8, we are putting forth one or two events each week with the goal of awareness and well-being,” said Cheryn Aouaj, MAPS co-chair and GlobeMed member. “First week deals with alcohol/drugs, second week deals with sexual assault, and third week tackles nutrition/exercise.”

The program is called “Sex, Drugs, and Kale.”

“We did a play on words with sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but instead of rock and roll we replaced that with kale because one of our weeks is dedicated to nutrition,” said Aouaj.

The two groups were motivated to organize this health because they wanted to address prevalent issues that occur during all the Block 8 madness.

“Eighth block is notorious for being fun and wild, but we wanted to ground the student population by hosting events that provide solid information and insight,” said Aouaj. “We also wanted to collaborate with various student groups to get the ball rolling.

The series kicked off on no other than the “national holiday” of 4/20, a day that celebrates cannabis, with a lecture by psychology professor Lori Driscoll.

During the speech, she addressed the effects of marijuana on the brain. This lecture had an outstanding turnout, which got the program off to a great start.

The rest of the events include a pledge to be a B.A.D.A.S.S., also known as a pledge to refuse to be a bystander to sexual assault; a talk discussing what sexual health and safety are; and even a lifting class accompanied by a full-body workout class.

“We’re hoping that student will get something different out of each event/program,” said Aouaj.  “As a whole, we want people to walk away with more sensitivity and awareness towards the topics we discuss.”

Setting up such an intricate event required the groups to branch out to the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, the Adam F. Press Fitness Center, a myriad of professors, and more.

By providing expertise on various aspects of holistic health, “Sex, Drugs, and Kale” promises to be both fun and informative for all those attending.

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