‘Twas the night before eighth block, and all through the streets…

Written by Ryan Huettel

‘Twas the night before eight block, and all through the streets

Not a creature was stirring, all under their sheets

All the theses had reached their final culmination

It could only mean one thing, Yampa was the destination

While Colorado College was passed out soundly in bed

Past memories of eighth blocks danced through my head

The course list was scoured, finding a Showalter class

The grade had been changed, from a letter to pass

When out in the kitchen, there arose such a clatter

I sprang from my room to see what was the matter

The light from the street, in its fake yellow dawn

Illuminated my wall, covered in Budweiser’s gone

When what to my wandering eyes should appear,

But a strange looking specter, in his hand a cold beer

My time it had come, as the years had amassed

For in front of my eyes, stood the ghost of Eighth Blocks Past

He was silent at first, unlike Bernie fans at the polls

Until he saw my green Chacos, asking if I did NOLS

“I would have already told you”, in real CC fashion

He responded in like, “That’s true, natures a passion.”

“But back to the reason why I’m truly here,

You know there’s more to my visit than to steal your beer”

“As an eighth block senior, life moves pretty fast

“You get caught in the moment, so lets go back to the past”

I couldn’t object, as I stood with this being

And to my surprise, didn’t believe what I was seeing

On Kicks, On Llama, On Pig Roasts and Sun

IM Softball, and darties, and all kinds of fun

CC flashed through my eyes, what a four years its been

When I realized what I’d give, if I could have it again

A bittersweet trip, he could see my sadness

“You know” he said, “There’s a method to this madness”

“You can’t slow it down, it’s one of nature’s laws

So sometimes in life, you just need to pause”

What adventures you’ve had, Genesees streaming with foam

With old friends and new, you’ve made CC a home

As he proudly departed, his words had their effect

For I realized at once, that the Ghost was correct

I yelled after my spirit as he made his last climb,

And I gave him some words in which to ponder in time

“Every eight block is precious, as you can attest,”

“So thanks for the great times, but get ready for the best.”

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