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I am so sick of reading articles entitled “20 things 20-somethings [insert something sappy]”.  Why, when we enter college, are we all considered “20-somethings”? I am a bit young, but I was not 20 until my junior year. Furthermore, why do we feel forced into suddenly figuring out our future right now? Most days I can’t figure out what I want to wear. Seriously, I go through at least five outfits every morning.

As “over” these lists as I am, I still read them twice a week, if not more. I giggle at the lists that describe your 20s as the time when every woman is single and a typical day is spent wallowing about why all boys they date are douche bags while watching “Grey’s Anatomy” with their girlfriends and drinking a glass of wine. I am all in favor of a good wine and vent sesh, but come on. Is that really all we single “twentysomethings” do? Drink and wallow? No way. I like to think we do more with our time. We work hard and play harder. But maybe that is just leading into the stereotype of a “twentysomething.”

With my senior year accelerating onward, whether I like it or not, I find myself relating more and more to the woes of a “twentysomething.” So, why not play into endless lists, and create one myself…

4 Seemingly Pressing Questions Every “Twentysomething” has:

  1. What am I doing with my life?

    Can you take five deep breaths for me? Calm down. You will be fine. You have a whole community supporting you. Urging you to become the person you want to be.

  1. Why has everyone had more experiences than I have?

    A question I ask myself all the time. It’s not that you had lesser experiences; you just haven’t found a way to spin it yet. You will learn.

  1. How do they do it?

    Now that’s a task we are all continuing to learn. Every “twentysomething” seems to be doing literally everything from making homebrews to acing the exam/interview, to landing the perfect job. That’s not all true. Remember there is a lot that lives on the surface (aka social media) and not at the core of their beliefs or interests.

  1. Should I get a cat?
    No, you should probably not get a cat.

Moral of the story: Contrary to what we may be told, our 20s are not a time when we should have it all figured out, but rather a time to be okay with floundering. Every time I read a “20-something” list, I am reminded that I am floundering. For better or worse, being a “20-something” is a time of change, embracing mistakes made, enjoying our youth, working hard, and playing harder.

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