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Think back to the best gift you’ve ever received. How did it make you feel? Was it the most expensive and exquisite thing you’ve ever been gifted? I’m willing to bet it wasn’t. So what made it so great? There is an unquantifiable feeling we get when we receive something truly special.

During the awe-inspiring holiday season, we are bombarded with gifts we can purchase for our loved ones. With so many lists for each type of person I frequently find myself overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude. I then begin endlessly searching each list hoping the next one I read will have an even better gift idea than the last. I search and search until I am so exhausted that I need a nap, or at least some eye drops and a very caffeinated coffee.

After combing the web, there is the problem of not finding anything. Now you may be thinking, but it’s the Internet, everything is there. Oh how wrong you are, my friend. What possibly cannot be found on-the-line? Locally crafted treasures you only find at a great Holiday craft sale. I recommend picking up a cookie or dozen for stamina during the great gift search.

Aside from gaining five pounds eating cookies, sometimes you still don’t find the perfect gift. So, you rely on the old stand-bys: making the gift yourself, purchasing a gift card, or the classic IOU.

You may ask yourself, why go through all this trouble?. Once again I believe you are very wrong; then again, that just might be my personality. You see, I delight in giving gifts much more than receiving them. Finding the perfect gift gives me a rush no amount of schnapps-spiked cocoa can.

I digress. Gift givers, like myself, may be far and few between there are so many types of gift givers. For example;

  1. The clueless gift-giver: you can only hope they gave you the gift of cash, but no, they gave you a child’s toy. They clearly missed the memo that you’re in college…
  1. The humorous gift-giver: you always have a good laugh at their gift, but it ends up in the back of your closet forgotten until spring cleaning.
  1. The extravagant gift giver: always a top-of-the-line gift that somehow makes you feel bad accepting it.
  1. The Pinterest gift-giver: the packaging alone is a gift in-and-of itself. How can the inside not be great?
  1. The perfect gift-giver: somehow they always know what you needed…

Perhaps with all the turmoil in the world we should think of not only ourselves but also others this season. The gift of donation in the name of said loved one is possibly the one gift common among each personality. The clueless can figure it out with a few hints, the humorous can donate to a charity funded by a comedian, the extravagant can give you a gold-leaf calligraphy certificate, the Pinterest giver can craft with you and donate the proceeds, and the perfect one can give to what organization embodies your best qualities.

We all love to receive the perfect gift. It wouldn’t hurt if we helped someone else along the way.

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