… Awards Season?

Ahhhh, the new year, a time of fresh starts, “new year, new me” Instagrams, and most importantly extravagant dresses. Yes, you read that right, dresses. It’s awards season, and it looks like we’re in for a doozy.

In case you missed it, the Golden Globe Awards (movie and television awards) happened over Half Block. Ricky Gervais hosted again, which left most viewers #notimpressed. When even the presenters took jabs at Gervais, you knew it was a bad time. The Globes are the “it” party of the year with endless Moet & Chandon, and this year was no exception.

A slightly intoxicated Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer absolutely nailed their promotion of their own movies (Youtube it, now). The only things lacking were more drunken acceptance speeches. Oh, and Tina Fey and Amy Pohler hosting.

In my 21 years of religiously watching every awards show, I have come to a few conclusions. If the awards shows were people, the aforementioned Golden Globes show is the drunken uncle that makes inappropriate comments, and you have to admire his spirit. The Screen Actors Guild Awards are next, similar to the hipster cousin that is always too cool for any event. Then you have the Grammy’s, the real cool kid at the party. They have the freshest kicks, hottest bling, and sexiest significant other. Finally, the Academy Awards (Oscars) tend to be like a pretentious 30-something with a high-pressure job but always seems extra composed. Then again, this person can also be the extremely bright human being who is socially challenged, depending on who is hosting. This year Chris Rock will host… We’ll see how that goes.

Besides establishing the vibe of each awards ceremony, the biggest deal in my humble opinion is the outfits. I mean come on, the extravagance is off the charts. It’s like celebrities get to go to Winter Ball every weekend for two months straight! How great is that? They don’t even have to pay for their own outfits or jewelry; designers are begging them to wear certain designs. However, this can come at a personal cost. Pick the wrong outfit that conflicts with the vibe of the event, and you might as well go into hiding, or face the wrath of T.V. personalities and fashion critics alike.

As the media has already indicated, this year’s Oscars will be quite contentious as the Academy nominated only white actors and actresses. I like to think of any Awards shows as a sort of sporting event. You gather all of your closest friends, make popcorn, open the wine, and then proceed to argue over who should win each award. In the inevitable case your favorite doesn’t win a category you call malarkey, thrown a mini tantrum, and repeat the process for the next category. All in all, when the clock strikes primetime the only thing that really matters is who wins, loses, or draws.

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